NFL's Treatment of Eric Bieniemy Led to Proposed Rooney Rule Changes


NFL Network’s Jim Trotter joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the Rooney Rule and why Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has yet to receive a head coaching offer. Trotter said that snubbing a qualified coach like Bieniemy could be what led to proposed changes to the NFL's Rooney Rule, which requires all teams to interview at least one minority candidate.

“That’s the one that everyone is shaking their head about right now as well as with what happened to Jim Caldwell in Detroit a couple of years ago, which I know we don’t have time for,” Trotter said. “When you look at it, if the two people who preceded Eric Bieniemy in his position, meaning Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy, could get head coaching jobs without calling plays simply because they were the offensive coordinator off Andy Reid’s tree. And Eric Bieniemy has the same position, has a league MVP two years ago and Super Bowl MVP last season. And he gets passed over for Joe Judge when Eric checked all of the boxes that Judge—in terms of the recent trends of hiring—did not check, that’s a problem."

"That’s the one that really got the attention of many coaches and personnel people I talked to. That said, it just isn’t fair.”

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