Prince Louis Photos Released Ahead of His First Birthday

Prince Louis is celebrating his first birthday, and while he’s been largely kept out of the spotlight since being born, we now have new, undeniably cute content to fawn over. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have given us three new photos of the littlest royal – although that title will be taken by Baby Sussex any day now. Kensington Palace’s Twitter and Instagram gained attention last night after both accounts showed off photos of Louis taken at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s home in Norfolk.

All three photos show a smiley, happy little boy, sitting in the garden on a sunny day. While many photos are taken by a royal photographer, the Duchess of Cambridge is the woman behind the camera when it comes to many of the family photos shared with the public, including these three new ones of Prince Louis. 

Instagram is blowing up with fans of the royals sending their well wishes to Prince Louis in the comments section. 

Many fans can't help but note the family resemblance among all of the Cambridges. One commenter writes, "Such a mix of Charlotte and George!" Another chimes in with, "Stunning little prince, resembling so much both his parents!" One even goes on to say, "The Cambridge children are by far the cutest royal children ever!"

It’s just the beginning of royal birthday season for the Cambridges. Princess Charlotte will be turning four years old next week on May 2.  Prince George will be turning six on July 22nd. Perhaps there are more Duchess of Cambridge originals to be shared in the coming weeks to mark the birthdays of her other two children.

Prince Louis is fifth in line for the throne with his siblings, father, and grandfather in line before him.