Why Did Jerry Seinfeld Unfollow Al Dukes On Twitter?


(WFAN) - What is the deal with Jerry Seinfeld unfollowing Al Dukes on Twitter?

Al recently discovered that Seinfeld stopped following him, and the "Boomer and Gio" producer is obsessing about it.

Al discussed the situation with Gregg Giannotti and Jerry Recco on Thursday and tried to guess what might have turned off his most famous follower. Adding to Al's sense of pride was the fact that Seinfeld only follows a little more than 100 accounts.

"I'm blaming Mets bashing," Al said, noting Seinfeld also unfollowed the official "Boomer and Gio" account. "He's a hardcore Met fan. He doesn't like Met complaining."

In a 2014 interview with USA Today, the comedy icon recommended Al as someone to follow on Twitter.

"I think he’s just about the best tweet artist," Seinfeld said. "He's just a regular guy, but he talks about regular things in a way that, to me, is what tweeting should be."