DeCamara goes off on Doc Rivers, Josh Harris: 'It makes me sick'


Joe DeCamara went off on the Philadelphia 76ers' ugly blowout loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, specifically on head coach Doc Rivers and owner Joshua Harris, who oversees the entire franchise.

"It was a horrible, horrible performance by the players," DeCamara said of the Sixers on Thursday at the top of the 94WIP Midday Show. "Now look, we talked a few weeks ago even when they started turning the corner, you're going to have your losses. And it's OK to have your losses because you're still without [James] Harden and [Tyrese] Maxey. It's not OK not to show up and it's not OK for the coach to say after the game of what he said.

"I can't stand Doc Rivers' presence in Philadelphia sports. I told you two years ago, or thereabout a year and a half or so, he should be fired on the basis of what he said as Philadelphia sports fans and didn't apologize for it—and he had ample opportunity to apologize for it, including after the 76ers traded Ben Simmons.

The Philadelphia 76ers were embarrassed on Wednesday night in Cleveland, losing 113-85 to the Cavs. After the game, Rivers called it a "schedule loss," something you don't often hear an NBA coach admit publicly.

"We just didn't have anything," Rivers said after the loss on Wednesday night. "You know, it was a schedule loss, that's how I felt. You could see guys just had no energy in their legs. You could see it early, we were dead, we were flat. And sometimes you get through the game, you get into it. There were no signs of that coming tonight, you could just see it, offensively and defensively. They were shooting 73-percent in the first half, you're never going to win that game."

Both DeCamara and his co-host Jon Ritchie went off on Rivers on Thursday's 94WIP Midday Show.

"I can't even begin to tell you how much that sickens me," DeCamara said on Thursday morning. "Couple of things. Number one, let's just be clear, a schedule loss is generally one of three things: consecutive back to back games, which this was not. A stretch of four games in five nights, which this was not. Or some crazy sequence of travel that leads to jet lag. Ladies and gentleman, the 76ers played Monday in Philadelphia, they played on Wednesday night one state over. They played in the state of Ohio, they played the Cavs. This is not by any typical NBA jargon a schedule loss, let's just get that clear out of the game. But let's go deeper. The players were lifeless last night and that is on the players, but that is also on the coach. And part of what you have here is that the coach last night is making an excuse to try to get himself off the hook for not having his players ready for to go in a game. So don't lose sight of that reality, it is an excuse by the coach for the players, but it also an excuse by the coach for the coach!

"Now let's go to a deeper level," DeCamara continued. "This is also, very clearly, and this goes to the last point—this is a head coach not holding the guys accountable."

"Believe it or not I've actually buried the two things that hit me the most about this whole things. The first of those two points is, how horrible this messaging is to the public and the affect that it has on us as 76er fans. Consider this reality, just in the last two weeks, when you begin to feel a sense of pride with the Philadelphia 76ers—remember they did not answer the bell at the start of the season...When you just finally start feeling a sense of pride in the 76ers again. They beat Ben Simmons, they won three games in a row, they had won four games in five, they had won seven games in nine...Just when you start feeling it, it's like an avalanche just comes back down on your head and you ready why it is so hard to vibe with this organization. I grew up on Moses Malone, Doc, Bobby Jones, a generation later Allen Iverson. These were guys who couldn't try harder!

"Let me get to one other major point, this is the thing Jon that further hurts. There's going to be no ramification. There's no repercussion. Like eventually Doc Rivers will be fired, but when it happens it will be too late."

DeCamara compared the Eagles to the Sixers and owners Jeffrey Lurie to Joshua Harris, stating how Lurie is willing to fire a head coach quickly when he feels the culture declining.

"Josh Harris will do nothing about this. Nothing!" DeCamara said. "Josh Harris consistently fosters a bad culture with a lack of accountability and just slapping Philadelphia sports fans across the face and it hurts. It hurts my heart because I do love the Philadelphia 76ers...It means something to be a Sixers fan...To see what we saw last night and to hear the coach say what he said and to know the owner will do jack bleep about it, he will do nothing about it, it makes me sick. And this whole thing will end and this Embiid thing will end some day and it will end without a title. And a large part of the reason for it is because the owner is a bad owner and he has permitted people that are bad at their jobs to do their jobs for too long. And it makes me sick. They have missed one of the golden opportunities in the history of Philadelphia sports and it's being squandered in front of our faces."

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