Giglio says Aaron Nola deal is typical Phillies contract: 'This is what they do'


Aaron Nola was officially reintroduced by the Phillies after signing his new contract while Hugh Douglas and Joe Giglio were on the air, and they both didn’t have much issue with paying Nola $172 million over seven years.

“It’s a Phillies contract. This is what they do,” Giglio said. “They have made a habit out of this since Bryce got here, where they take a guy who wants to be here and stretching out the contract.

“It’s not that much per season…I think that is fair for the pitcher he is. He got seven years. Do I like giving a pitcher who is 30 years old seven years? I don’t. I think the end of this contract will be bad. But the Phillies, this is the way they do business now. The end of Bryce Harper’s contract will probably be bad. The end of Turner’s contract will probably be bad.”

Nola, a lifelong Phillie, posted an ERA over 4.30 in two of the last three years, but he has been one of the most durable starting pitchers in baseball, and has a proven playoff track record. More importantly, Joe believes the contract helps keep the Phillies in play to make other free agent additions this winter.

“But they kept him, they got their No. 2 guy back, and hopefully they’re not done,” Joe said. “They saved a little money here, so hopefully there’s more to come this offseason.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Rich Schultz | Getty Images