EXCLUSIVE: Eli Young Band Reflects on "Love Ain't" and its Powerful Video

Plus: being on tour with Darius Rucker and covering a Motley Crue song

Eli Young Band is about to head back out on the road to play the songs that fans have come to know and love. “Love Ain’t” is one of those songs after being released last year.

The track took on a whole new meaning when the band from Texas teamed up with the Wounded Warrior Project to tell the story of Taylor Morris and his wife Danielle in the video for the song. Taylor suffered dramatic, life-changing injuries in Afghanistan, and the video follows the challenges the couple face while never wavering on their love for each other.

“It’s one of those songs where the video and the song are two kind of different things, Jon Jones told RADIO.COM. “When you hear the whole song in its entirety – it’s called “Love Ain’t,” but it really is about what love is.”

“Love Ain’t” will be the lead track on the forthcoming This is Eli Young Band: Greatest Hits. Mike Eli told us it wasn’t hard to narrow down the songs for the album because it was mostly about picking fan favorites.  This is Eli Young Band: Greatest Hits is due out on March 29th and you can pre-order it here.

In the video above, we also asked the guys what bands impressed them the most in the studio, who was the most fun to tour with, and what their favorite song from a collaboration was. Check it out.