The Glorious Sons Surge Forward With New Single "Panic Attack"

Listen to the latest from the Canadian rockers

The Glorious Sons are starting to make a habit out of writing infectious rock songs that make you want to sing along, even after you realize the lyrics aren’t about rainbows or unicorns. They're pulling off the same trick that 90s grunge bands did but in a different style. The music pulls you in and then you're forced to think.

The Canadian band is back with the new single “Panic Attack.” It charges right down the same path blazed by “S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)” – the #1 song from their most recent LP that introduced them to a wider audience in the U.S.

“I started writing this rock and roll song for a malnourished kitty cat in Portland, Oregon,” read a post about “Panic Attack” on the band’s social media. “He looked to be having some trouble; I knew exactly how he felt.”

Brett Emmons sings on the chorus: “I’m tired, I’m sick / I’m waging war on everything / I’m wired, I’m licked / I’m addicted to everything / But I’m not prepared for this / Tell me I’m not dying.” But the band behind him is far from frazzled - just focused and fierce.

The Glorious Sons haven’t unveiled any details about a potential new album for “Panic Attack” to live on, so there’s still plenty of time to listen to 2017’s Young Beauties and Fools featuring “S.O.S.” and “Come Down.” Watch the band perform a stripped-down version of the latter song exclusively for RADIO.COM.