Madonna Escapes to Marriage in New Video for "Medellin"

"How can I trust anyone after the years of disappointment and betrayal?"

The type of imagery is familiar for the “Like a Prayer” singer: Madonna kneeling in prayer, bathed in sunlight that shines through a stained glass window.

“Dear God, How can I trust anyone after the years of disappointment and betrayal,” she asks. “How could I not want to run away? Again and again; escape.”

With that, Madonna begins to add more texture to her new alter ego, Madame X, in the video for her new song “Medellín” with Maluma. Madame X is also the title of her forthcoming 14th studio album.

“I will never be what society expects me to be,” Madonna continues in the minute-long set-up. “I have seen too much. I cannot turn back. I have been kidnapped, tortured, humiliated and abused. But I still have hope. I still believe in the goodness of humans. Thank god for nature. For the angels that surround me. For the spirit of my mother who is always protecting me. From now on, I am Madame X. And Madame X loves to dance, because you can’t hit a moving target.”

“1.. 2.. 1.. 2.. 1.. 2.. cha cha cha,” she whispers in her new role of dance instructor, before the sexy Latin beats of “Medellín” kick in. Madonna quickly hones in on her favorite student, Maluma, who adds Spanish accents before the relationship quickly accelerates to champagne in bed and an extravagant wedding.

“Medellín” will get its live TV debut when Madonna and Maluma perform together at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. The show airs live from Las Vegas on May 1st at 8pm ET on NBC.