Michael Hutchence of INXS Comes to Life in First Trailer for 'Mystify'

Feature-length documentary is due out next month

“The amount of experience you go through in doing what we do is many lifetimes,” Michael Hutchence is heard saying to kick off the trailer for the new documentary about his life. “The problem is holding on to a fixed point long enough to understand it.”

Mystify is billed as a journey into the heart and soul of the late INXS singer. The film is built on rare footage and interviews with Hutchence, his bandmates, friends, family and girlfriends who were there as the Australian rockers exploded in popularity around the globe in the 80s and early 90s.

Minor hits like “Don’t Change” laid the groundwork for huge hits like “Need You Tonight,” and the film shows that Hutchence – like many charismatic frontmen with good looks – experienced all the "benefits" that go along with being in a popular rock band.

“If you’re a sensual being, all of your senses need stimulation,” singer Kylie Minogue – a former girlfriend - is heard saying in the new clip. “A lot of it was based around pleasure. Let’s face it.”

Nearly every journey to fame and fortune seems to have a breaking point, and for Hutchence, it was a freak accident in Copenhagen in 1992. He lost his sense of taste and smell when he hit his head after being attacked by a cab driver. Those closest to him say he was never the same leading up to his death in 1997 that was ruled a suicide.

"Something drastic happened,” said model Helena Christensen who dated Hutchence for four years. “I was deeply sad, confused and bewildered, but at the same time it couldn’t have continued that way.”

Mystify was written and directed by Richard Lowenstein, who directed most INXS videos. The documentary is set to be released on July 4th with a soundtrack following the next day.