See Metallica Play 'Seek and Destroy' With a 13-Year-Old Drummer

What the excited fan is saying about his big night
Lars Ulrich of Metallica
Photo credit Ethan Miller/Getty Images
By , Audacy

When Metallica launched into their Kill ‘Em All standard “Seek and Destroy” this week in Amsterdam, Lars Ulrich wasn’t behind the drum kit as usual. He was standing off to the side watching a 13-year-old boy live his dream.

Evan Adamson celebrated his birthday by drumming for the metal legends in concert. The moment took shape while singer James Hetfield was bantering with the crowd.

“Oh God; Lars shrunk,” Hetfield quipped as he turned around. “They put Lars in the wash – told them not to put him in the dryer. He shrunk.”

After a few pointers from Lars, Evan experienced the power of a live drum kit and kept the pace for his heroes. The experience was short-lived, however. About 30 seconds in to the song, Lars hopped back in to his familiar spot.

Evan rightfully boasted about his big night on Instagram. He posted a photo of himself in full rock star mode and wrote: “Well well well no words I mean to play drums in front of 68,000 people with my hero’s my favourite band of all time was just the best thing ever and to top it all off it was my bday !!”