The song Pearl Jam has played live the most

And other fun touring facts from the legendary band
Pearl Jam
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Pearl Jam has become known for its relentless touring schedule and marathon live shows over the years, during which no song is off limits. From the hits, to the deep cuts, to the new tracks off their latest album Gigaton, everything’s at play.

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With a band that’s performed thousands of songs over countless shows, we had a simple question. What song has Pearl Jam played live the most? Thanks to the folks at the fascinating time-killing website, we have the answer for you…

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“Even Flow” is Pearl Jam’s most-played song as the second track from Ten has been played a total of 851 times. Let's take a look at the top 10.


Even Flow (851)
Alive (786)
Porch (595)
Black (579)
Corduroy (578)
Jeremy (550)
Better Man (531)
Daughter (529)
Do the Evolution (519)
Given to Fly (475)

Here are some other interesting facts about Pearl Jam shows over the years.

Most common show opener: “Release”
Most common show closer: “Yellow Ledbetter”
Most common cover: “Rockin’ in the Free World”

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