Vio-lence Stage Diver Gets Long Hair Caught in Guitar

Watch what happened on-stage in LA
Phil Demmel
Photo credit © Press Association

Some may consider stage diving to be the ultimate form of heavy metal fandom, but the practice is not without risks. You could get tackled by an overzealous security guard, you could jump off and face plant onto the floor if someone neglects to catch you, or as was the case at a recent Vio-lence show – you could get your hair caught in a guitar.

Video shot from the back of the stage shows a fan repeatedly jumping off the stage until his final attempt goes awry. The guy gets a little too close for guitarist Phil Demmel’s liking, so Demmel nudges the fan back into the crowd. But the fan’s long hair got stuck in the headstock of Demmel’s guitar, creating an awkward and presumably painful moment.

Demmel recently left Machine Head before reuniting with Vio-lence. He also played a few shows with Slayer in 2018 while filling in for Gary Holt.