Weezer Drops New Song ‘California Snow’

Track was written for the end credits of 'Spell'
Photo credit © Sipa USA

Weezer spent the summer riding the wave created it by its wildly popular cover of “Africa” by Toto. Now the band is back with a new track called “California Snow.” It was written for the end credits of the movie Spell - about an American illustrator who runs out of medication while mourning the death of his fiancée in Iceland.

The song morphs from 80s-like synth pop to classic Weezer, while Rivers Cuomo sings lines like “Never worry ‘bout tomorrow ‘cause I’m living for today.” If that sounds like something a therapist might advise, it could be because Cuomo makes a voice cameo in Spell as a therapist. Now fans know what these billboards that have been spotted around Los Angeles recently mean.