Welcome To Paradise: Green Day Celebrates Mars Landing

Why the band felt connected to the mission to the red planet
Photo credit © Xinhua / Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen
By , Audacy

NASA made history when it landed a spacecraft on Mars on Monday, and a certain rock band from Northern California was along for the ride – in a way.

After the InSight mission touched down on the red planet, Green Day revealed its connection to the moment. It turns out that “Green Day Since 1986” was etched on a chip that was part of the lander.

The band tweeted a picture to prove it, and a clever commenter congratulated them for beating fellow rockers Thirty Seconds to Mars to the punch.

The successful mission was a major source of pride for all of those involved. Video from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California shows the men and women inside mission control unable to contain their excitement as touch-down approached, and once the unit landed it was total jubilation.

A pair of satellites trailed InSight throughout the six-month, 300-million-mile journey and helped send back pictures just minutes later. The spacecraft is designed to drill into Mars’ interior. More than half of previous missions to Mars had failed.