More than 100,000 sign petition urging Taco Bell not to discontinue the Mexican Pizza

By , The New ALT 105.3

This summer, Taco Bell revealed that it would be doing away with certain items to "simplify" its menu. In September, the fast food chain once again announced that several menu items would be disappearing shortly.

One mainstay of the menu that's set to be axed as of November 5 is the Mexican Pizza, due in part to the amount of waste its packaging creates. That, however, has caused quite the uproar online as fans have banded together to attempt to get Taco Bell to keep it on their menu.

A petition has over 100,000 signatures up to this point and notes that fans of the item should buy as many of them as they can to show their support for keeping it on the menu prior to its planned exit. The petition also notes that its particularly popular with the South Asian American community.

According to a spokesperson with the fast food chain, the items leaving the menu on November 5 are:

- Mexican Pizza
- Shredded Chicken items
- Pico de Gallo

However, it's not all bad news for fans of the chain. Taco Bell also announced a plan to add several items to the menu, including:

3 new Doritos Locos Tacos options
- Diced tomatoes
- Chicken Chipotle Melt ($1 Cravings Menu addition)
- Dragonfruit Freeze
- Quesalupa (Knoxville, TN only)
- Green Sauce

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