Ludacris New Project 'KidNation' to Teach New Generation Through Music

A sneak peak of the new song 'Get Along'

Ludacris is the one rapper who always creates his projects to be bigger than life, going above and beyond in anything that he produces. As we've watched him grow, his newest project comes to no surprise as he has seamlessly become a respected family man.

Ludacris's project KidNation is a new platform that teaches children of the next generation about current events mainly through music. Ludacris has teamed up with his business partner, music executive, Sandy Lal, to promote a plethora of subjects for kids to understand and learn about regarding the world. Chris, "Ludacris" Bridges, tell us in a press release “KidNation was built on the foundation of enrichment through entertainment for the next generation."

Set to launch in the Fall of 2020, Kid Nation has found the opportunity to get a head start on the initiative amid the COVID-19 pandemic and our current climate of a racial divide. The first song released at the beginning stages of COVID-19 was a song and video promoting hygiene titled, "Stay Clean," as the world made it a priority to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds to ensure we do not spread the virus.


After the sudden death of George Floyd, we as a nation have found ourselves in an uprising to demand change due to police brutality. KidNation jumped to teach through song with "Get Along". Ludacris tells CNN, "with everything going on in this world, we felt extremely passionate about releasing 'Get Along' early. The message is simple but needed now more than ever. You tell your kids how important it is to lead with love."

We can all agree that the children have been affected yet curious about what's happening in the world. With this passion, Ludacris has been very vocal about creating awareness on the demands and making a difference where we have recently seen him on the front lines of a peaceful protest in Atlanta in KidNation gear.

"It makes me want to cry, cause I'm scared to go outside because the world is so divided on who's wrong or right, black or white, can we all just get along."

KidNation does a great job showcasing the innocence of children and reminding us to take note from them.

In this release from KidNation it is evident that teaching children "love is the answer," is the answer to our nation's change.

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