Jeff and Lauren Lowe of 'Tiger King' Claim Joe Exotic Stole Money From the Zoo for Facelifts

Jeff Lowe absolutely believes Carole Baskin killed her first husband.

The story keeps unfolding when it comes to Netflix's hit, limited series, Tiger King. Two of the show's stars, Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren Lowe, joined AJ Gibson and Mikalah Gordon from RADIO.COM's Channel Q on Monday, to talk about how they got involved with the zoo, and how they felt they were represented in the series.

The current owners of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, explained that producers were constantly feeding them lines in order to project Jeff Lowe as a "womanizer" during filming, and shared how they first crossed paths with Joe Exotic.

Lowe says that Exotic had shared that we was HIV+ and needed someone to take over the G.W. Zoo after he passed. Exotic showed the Lowe's photos of him with a swollen and black and blue face, and claimed it was part of his medical condition. AJ asks Lowe if Exotic ever offers proof of being HIV+ and Lowe shares that Exotic's first husband had in fact passed away due to AIDS. However, the Lowe's later found out that the photos of Exotic's swollen face were taken after he had undergone two facelift procedures. Lauren Lowe says, "he actually stole the money from the animals for the facelift."

The Lowes continue on by stating that they believe, without a doubt, that Carole Baskin committed the murder of her first husband. Jeff Lowe shares, “I don’t think there’s anyone in America that doesn’t believe (Carole killed her husband). When somebody’s been proven to falsify wills… by the federal authorities, I think it’s obvious she did it for the money.”

Additionally, Lowe insisted that he was never involved in Joe Exotic's plot to murder Baskin. Lowe denies that he had any involvement in trying to get rid of Joe Exotic for his own benefit and says, "Joe has been threatening to kill Carole Baskin since 2011, and it just kind of escalated after we got here." The Lowe's say with confidence that they owned the zoo, and had no reason to get rid of Joe Exotic, and certainly had no personal gain in taking down Carole Baskin. Lowe states in regards to Exotic, "the zoo belonged to me. He was my employee, I could have fired him and kicked him off this property anytime I wanted."

AJ asked Lowe about recent remarks he made about  Exotic burying the bodies of dead protesters on the zoo grounds. Lowe clears things up by sharing that this was just a hunch he had, however, the claim was serious enough that FBI agents searched the property to see how viable it was to starting digging up hundreds of acres of land to exhume the bodies potentially buried by Exotic.

Finally, Jeff Lowe touches on the extra episode that was released on Sunday, April 12th, saying he's interested in seeing the new episode, but has not yet watched the "where are they now" show. "I hate watching myself on camera... and I think more interesting and intriguing info will come out of the program that will be aired Monday night... that should have more meat for the 'Tiger King' fans."

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