1THING: Gary Clark Jr. Is Celebrating Earth Day by Staying at Home

Join him in… saving fuel

“I stay at the house so I’m not burning fuel” Gary Clark Jr. admits of how he's being more conscious of his environmental impact.

From putting a strict ban on one-time use plastic water bottles to taking a band trip to clean up the beach, April 22 is the perfect excuse to give back to Mother Nature.  

Today we’re recycling one of our favorite videos to celebrate Earth Day. The global holiday gives a great excuse to give back to the earth, with efforts and community events happening in almost 200 countries. From planting trees to cleaning up litter from your neighborhood, there are dozens of organized efforts that can be found with a quick “Earth Day events near me” Google search.

With climate change becoming an increasingly pressing issue, Eli Young BandThe AcesThe ChainsmokersOliver Tree, and Gary Clark Jr. are drilling down to both celebrate Earth Day and change their daily lifestyles to lessen their carbon footprint.  Hear about the 1THING they’re doing to go green in the video above!  

In our previous exclusive interview, Gary Clark Jr. dove into his raw and provocative new album This Land. Since we’re taking his advice of not going anywhere to save fuel, sit back and get a look inside his latest release below.