Alice In Chains’ ‘Rainier Fog’ to Get Film Adaptation

Watch the first trailer below

A creepy sci-fi trailer was just released for Black Antenna, a companion film inspired by every song on Alice In Chains' newest release. Rainier Fog is an album filled with imagery of Seattle and beyond, making it the perfect candidate for a cinematic recreation.

Black Antenna is being produced by filmmaker Adam Mason, a longtime fan of the band who built off of their synergy to capitalize on the opportunity for an innovative indie film. Set to be rolled out in ten parts that match up with Rainier Fog’s ten songs, the film will be available in pieces that preface its full release in early 2019.

Watch the first preview of Black Antenna above.

The GRAMMY-nominated Rainier Fog is a sonically huge work that delivers a pure rock sound. In our exclusive interview, the band discussed the album’s roots and how recording in the shadow of Seattle’s Mt. Rainier colored their latest release.