Andy Black Creates a World of His Own on New Album ‘Ghost Of Ohio’

Get the highlights from his brand new album

Andy Black built himself a cult following as the enigmatic frontman of longtime scene favorite band Black Veil Brides. While the future of the of the band is bright with plans for a reimagining of album Wretched And Divine, Andy is also continuing to showcase his powerful vocals through his solo work. 

Ghost Of Ohio is the latest release from the “We Don’t Have To Dance” singer. With a firm grasp on imagery that spans from his all-black personal style to the renaissance-painting-like album cover that graces the front of his new work, Andy Black is a full on brand that spans far beyond just music. 

Earning itself an immediate No. 1 debut on the rock iTunes chart, Ghost Of Ohio serves as both his sophomore solo album and the soundtrack to his comic book under the same name. From stories inspired by his own life to a character that largely represents himself, Ghost Of Ohio dances the line between fact and fiction with help from his childhood. 

“I’ve always liked the idea of building worlds, making a character for myself, in very heightened and stylized dimensions I could live in. It’s about expressing myself creatively, while making something that didn’t exist before,” he explained in a press release about the melancholic album. 

Listen to the title track that kickstarted the story in the video above, and get the full album here