Badflower Responds to the Idea Rock Is Dead: “Just Enjoy It Yo”

Hear from them on the current state of rock... and whether we should even care
Photo credit Tiana Timmerberg, RADIO.COM

The notion that rock is a dying genre has been making headlines for years now, with some of the biggest names in music sharing opinions on everything from who crowned the last wave of big rock bands to what the genre really needs right now. Up-and-comers Badflower are hitting back at the idea, asking people to essentially just drop it and enjoy the music.

After we shared a look inside Badflower and Nothing More’s live shows and pondered how the fearless bands are paving the way for emerging rockers, Badflower joined in on the discussion.

“Idk why ppl are so obsessed with the “rock is dead” bs,” they started off in a Tweet likely written by frontman Josh Katz. “Who cares what ‘sound’ trendy or popular. Good music is EVERYWHERE.”

Despite the apparent loss in popularity of rock to genres like pop and hip hop, bands like Badflower and Nothing More are clear proof rock as an art is thriving just as much as ever before. With sincere tracks that contain everything good about the genre, they’re making it hard to find time to waste on complaints about the lessening of mainstream success.

“Nothing more slays, they write incredible songs. You have them, you have us, you have countless others who care about art over popularity.”

“Just enjoy it yo,” they conclude in a perfect summary.

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