Behind The Scenes at the AMAs: Poppy Discovers MKTO’s New Member

And teaches them some manners...
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MKTO recently returned from what many fans thought was the end of their jam-producing run. After seemingly breaking up, the pop duo composed of Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller (hence MKTO, we see what you did there) returned teasing new music and a fresh start.

Now, it looks like their fresh start may involve a brand-new member? The best kind of member too. Poppy is getting to the bottom of their mystical new look and making sure they mind their manners in our exclusive interview. 

What do you think of the new addition? Will the group name change now?

The "Classic" singers are coming back at full force but, while we anxiously await their new jams, listen to the hit song below & stay tuned for more exclusive 2018 American Music Awards coverage coming very soon!