Billboard Music Awards: BTS, Brendon Urie, Becky G Have 10 Seconds to Name All the “Lils”

How many artists have Lil in their names?

It seems like there’s a new “Lil” rapper popping up every day. With tons of them who aren’t even “lil” at all and are actually some of the biggest names in music, we rounded up our friends at the Billboard Music Awards for what we’re calling The Lil Challenge. 

How many Lils can you name in 10 seconds or less? Go!

While some fell flat (we’re looking at you, Mr. Brendon Urie), others knocked it out of the park and even came up with their own rapper names. We’re also incredibly excited that Dan + Shay said Little Big Town. It may be a bit of a stretch, but the country duo played the game well and even managed to swerve it into their lane. 

Some of you may be asking why we’re doing this… fair question. We actually have one our favorite Lils stopping by for some exclusive content very soon. Stay tuned for more from the one and only Lil Nas X, and tune into the 2019 Billboard Music Awards May 1st at 8 PM EST to catch Brendon Urie, Khalid, BTS, and more performing live. 

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