Brendon Urie Explains Religion’s Role in New Panic! At The Disco Album ‘Pray for the Wicked’

Brendon unpacks the album's religious themes and inspirations!

Panic! At The Disco has undergone loads of changes from the superficially nonsensical lyrics and titles of their early catalog to their current mainstream dominance.

In honor of the release of their sixth studio album, Pray for the Wicked, today (June 22), Brendon Urie gives us a look inside his head during the writing process.

Watch the flashy frontman share the inspiration behind the religious themes frequently seen in Panic’s music (“This Is Gospel,” “Say Amen,” “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” “Hallelujah”… should I continue?) and discuss how the single “High Hopes” came to fruition.

Ahhh... the exclusive "puppet" clue he gave us earlier this week also makes a LOT more sense now.

Their video for "Hey Look Ma, I Made It" shows a muppet version of Brendon navigating his way through the music industry and even features a guest appearance from Dillon Francis

As the only official member of the band, we’ve really been able to see Brendon’s writing abilities shine on these last couple albums. Pray for the Wicked is a sonic fusion of all of his Frank Sinatra, old-school R&B, and broadway consumption. 

The largely upbeat album includes feel-good, party songs like “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” but also touches on serious themes. Songs like “Dying In LA” and “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” dive into the pressure to succeed and the difficulties that come from fame. Songs range from slow, piano ballads to synthy bops and is a true experience to listen to. 

The full album is available everywhere now and it's beautiful.