Calvin Harris Sings In Adorable “I Found You” with Benny Blanco

Hear Calvin's first vocals in two years
Photo credit Courtesy of Rebecca Mehling/ Pittsburgh Steelers

Benny Blanco and Calvin Harris have played parts in a ridiculous amount of the biggest radio hits. From “Promises” to “One Kiss” to “Eastside,” it’s impossible to ignore these two.

Benny and Calvin have teamed up for upbeat bop “I Found You” that we already have on loop. Calvin Harris’ deep vocals shine in his first time behind the mic since 2016’s “My Way.”

Benny is wonderfully awkward in the track’s simple music video where he dances alone before being joined by friends who help show him the way. The video either represents how having the right people in our lives can better us or it’s just a super cute video of Benny and we’re overthinking this.

Listen to the brand new “I Found You” below: