Cardi B and Offset’s “Wrap” Battle Is Just as Great as You’d Expect

The pair is diving into the holiday spirit
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Last week, hip-hop power couple Cardi B and Offset teased a possible joint album and a rap battle. While the two have worked together before, we couldn’t be more excited about both of those ideas.

It turns out, their rap battle wasn’t exactly what we thought it would be. Joining in on the holiday spirit to troll fans with some word play, the pair was actually teasing a wrap battle. We see what you did there…

“Are you scared of wifey?” teased Cardi in the initial challenge post.

Taking to app TikTok to broadcast their shenanigans, the always entertaining couple proved they should probably stick to actual rapping. While Cardi shows some real potential, Offset seems to live by the idea that slapping a bow on makes everything better.

Watch their incredible wrap battle below: