Cardi B Saying “Okurrr” is the Most Used Gif of 2018

No surprises here
Photo credit Admedia

Cardi B is known for having some of the most meme-ready expressions and phrases ever, delivering effortless sass and personality with everything she does.

Her debut of phrases like “Okurrr” and even just random sounds such as “Eowwww” (please read that in her voice) have made her one of the most frequently referenced celebrities on the internet. Because of the ever-present nature of her iconic phrases, her place as GIPHY's No. 1 most-used gif of 2018 with over 282 million views comes as no surprise whatsoever.

Cardi B "Okurrr" Gif

The gif is from her appearance on Jimmy Fallon. The now viral clip from December of 2017 was one of our first looks at how Cardi’s humor follows her everywhere, earning over 20 million views on the video with her charm and ridiculousness.

Other gifs on the list of the 25 most used included a dancing gnome, adorable expressions of love, and puppies. Click here to see the full list.