David Draiman Reflects on How Pantera's Vinnie Paul Impacted Disturbed’s Early Days

Hear from the frontman on their lasting relationship

The loss of Pantera’s Vinnie Paul is one that’s weighed heavily on the rock community since his death on June 22, 2018. With both the band’s lasting impact through their music and through Vinnie’s kindness, his legacy has lived on with the help of people like Disturbed’s David Draiman.

Along with incorporating Vinnie into a tribute video they show while playing "Hold Onto Memories" live, Draiman also spoke with Heavy Consequence about how Vinnie fiercely supported Disturbed.


Disturbed pulled influences from Pantera’s percussive, riff-driven sound during their early days as an emerging band from Chicago. After meeting during their first appearance at Ozzfest, Draiman tells Heavy Consequence he was immediately drawn to Vinnie’s kindness.

"Vinnie was the guy who first fell in love with Disturbed," he recalls. Pantera later flew out to see their second Ozzfest date, a legendary concert where Disturbed had to be moved to main stage after drawing a crowd with around 15,000 more people than expected.

“We developed an amazing camaraderie and friendship over the years, I miss him so much. Pantera, and Vinnie in particular, were more a part of the beginnings of Disturbed than people realize.”