David Harbour Debunks ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Theories

This Reddit thread has us rethinking the entire series
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Photo credit Photo By Zindziswa Payne

David Harbour, also known as Chief Jim Hopper on Netflix’s wildly popular Stranger Things, has a lot to say about these crazy fan theories.

After doing a deep dive into a Stranger Things Reddit thread, Vanity Fair asked Harbour to break down some of the most plausibly ridiculous ones. The actor answers them thoroughly yet carefully, making sure not to give out any spoilers… well played Hopper.

He covers everything from whether The Upside Down is actually a time loop to if Demagorgons evolved from humans. Get the mind-blowing theories and why Harbour thinks almost all of them are wrong below: 

Stranger Things Season 3 is expected to debut in the summer of 2019 and filming is well underway.