Demi Lovato Sends Herself Flowers After Split From Boyfriend Henry Levy

She's celebrating International Women's Day with self-love

Demi Lovato is living by our favorite mantra of “treat yoself.” After her recent split from fashion designer Henry Levy, she’s moving on with grace and a bouquet full of self-love. 

The pair reportedly dated for around four months, linking up after Demi left a Los Angeles treatment center in November 2018. A source close to Demi told PEOPLE the pair had split, but Demi is in a positive place after the two served as support for each other during their journeys to sobriety.

A bouquet of two dozen soft pink roses arrived to Demi accompanied by a note filled with encouragement. The flowers she sent herself reminded her that she’s beautiful, loved, and “worthy of a happy and healthy life.”

Despite recently returning to a treatment center on her own accord, Demi hasn’t relapsed and the source says she’s “taking care of herself and is in a positive place.”