EXCLUSIVE: Halsey Dives Into the Catcalling That Inspired “Nightmare,” Reveals New Music is Coming This Summer

Watch the singer discuss what's next

Halsey is fresh off the release of “Nightmare,” a viciously self-assured track that launches the singer into a darker new era. After planning on taking a break to write her upcoming album but getting distracted by the overwhelming global success of “Without Me,” she’s now laser focused on what’s coming next. 

“It took a while for me to earn it. It took years of activism, and of charity, the Women’s March. Just kind of really really proving to everyone that I really care about women,” Halsey tells RADIO.COM of her latest single. “One day it hit me. Why do I need to be polite, and kind, and smile, to make some guy’s day better who’s not making mine good at all?” 

Along with hitting back at entitled men in the lyrics, Halsey also banded together a group chuck full of girl power for the rebellious music video. Don’t get distracted by all the fierceness in this video though- did she just tease an October album release date

Her third studio album is set to be an honest release filled with raw stories and themes similar to “Nightmare.” “Ultimately, everything just seems so conversational. Almost like I’m just sitting here talking to you about what’s been on my mind. It feels like a moment in time which is really special.”

“I’ll definitely have new music out this summer. And, honestly, I’m kind of just going with my gut this time around,” she concludes with a smile. Watch the full interview in the video above.