EXCLUSIVE: How Barns Courtney’s Trip to Write Music Turned into a Literal Trip

Hear about his shroom-filled nightmare

“They’re all singles, each one more radio-friendly than the last,” Barns Courtney joked of a made-up album with 600 songs on it before explaining that he didn’t actually write anything on his trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA.  Find out how what should have been a day to write music turned into a terrifying adventure colored by shrooms and ticks in the hilarious video above.

Barns Courtney is our new obsession, taking to the airwaves with his latest single “99” after sprinkling a bunch of fantastic singles throughout 2017. His honesty, charisma, and refreshing musical style have immediately made us fans for life.

In our series of exclusive interviews with the singer-songwriter, he’s revealed everything from his “sonic recreation of the birth of Christ” to how he’ll do anything to open for a big band. ANYTHING. While the lines between where the truth starts and fiction begins are being blurred, we’re almost positive the story about his Carmel "trip" is true. 

We’re also pretty sure the story about the odd job he ended up picking up is at least mostly true, but we can’t make any guarantees.