EXCLUSIVE: Watch Oliver Tree Absolutely Lose His Mind in a Rage Room

… Before calmly performing “Alien Boy”

Oliver Tree is an artist who’s so deep into his role as a scooter-riding meme lord, it’s almost impossible to know what’s a joke and what’s real with any certainty. Let’s get one thing out of the way though: his bowl cut is absolutely not a joke.

From his indie-rap songs to his work as a filmmaker, the edgy and fearless Oliver is on the brink of huge success that’s propelled by his cult following. When he’s not practicing Olympic-level scooter tricks, the genre-bending “Hurt” singer is captivating crowds of thousands with his unmatched style and firm grasp on everything that makes him unique.

While everyone that’s familiar with Oliver is well aware of his place as a Vape God and a viral sensation, no one would expect the laid-back singer to be so full of anger. When RADIO.COM took him to a rage room to smash things, we found out he’s absolutely furious.

Watch the vibrant artist break everything in sight in the video above.

After letting out his pent-up anger, Oliver gave an intimate and dance-filled performance of “Alien Boy.” The track appears on his 2018 Alien Boy EP, a six-track work that serves as his debut release.