Halsey Covers “Sucker,” the Jonas Brothers Approve

See her jazzy take on the song

Halsey stopped by the BBC Radio 1 Live Longue to put her spin on one of the most popular songs of the year. After the Jonas Brothers themselves stopped by the show just a week ago to cover Lewis Capaldi and sing hit single “Sucker,” now the song is back on BBC in a completely different form.

Halsey gave the Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker” a jazz version during her visit to the Live Longue. A smooth saxophone solo kicked off the completely different take in a more stipped-down version. 

In a preview clip shared by BBC, Halsey’s raspy vocals put her signature twist on “Sucker” as guitar and brass instruments transform it into a new genre.

The Jonas Brothers immediately shared their approval of the cover, praising her for how amazing it is and thanking her for covering it. See all of their sweet Twitter exchanges below!