Jake Miller Dances Into a New Era With ‘BASED ON A TRUE STORY’ EP

Get a look inside his brand new release

“These are by far my 6 favorite songs I’ve ever made,” Jake Miller says of his brand new BASED ON A TRUE STORY EP.

Singer-songwriter Jake Miller is back with his first new project since 2018’s Silver Lining. The BASED ON A TRUE STORY EP takes the “Can’t Help Myself” artist to a new level, showing off his growth in electronic tracks that tell stories of love and loss.

Honest songs give a look into his relationships with a journey that spans from the end of an eight-year relationship, to the budding love visited in the optimistic “WAIT FOR YOU.” With experimentation that pushes his comfort zone while still presenting a sound that’s true to his roots, the emerging pop singer is ready for is next chapter.

"I poured my heart into every lyric and every beat and I couldn't be more proud. My artistry has evolved tremendously but I'm still learning and growing every day. I can't wait for you guys to hear what I've spent the last 6 months creating." Jake explains of a journey characterized by hard work and dedication. After years of releasing music, the Miami songwriter is in a place where he’s comfortable producing, writing, and tracking his own work.

In our previous exclusive interview, Jake explained how his Top 40 bop “WAIT FOR YOU” came together. Hear about his latest hit in the video below!