Jason Mraz Warns To “Just Say No to Avocado Hand”: Exclusive

The singer lives a double life as an avocado farmer and is sharing some of his hilarious tips

Millenials are known for spending their entire income on avocado toast, but which generation is known for being avocado farmers?

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz is best recognized by his beachy vibes, clever lyrics and hit single “I’m Yours.” His lesser known endeavor is that of his 5 ½ acre avocado farm just north of San Diego. Mraz Family Farms grows 100% organic Hass avocados and provides a place for him to escape from the busyness of city life and fame.

In honor of his birthday today (June 23), Jason is sharing some hilarious tips on how to avoid the incredibly pervasive issue of “avocado hand.” Watch our exclusive interview below:


Happy birthday Jason! Thanks for the helpful tips, beautiful music and delicious avocados.

Jason’s upcoming album Know is set to drop on August 10th and pre-orders are available now.