The Jonas Brothers Reveal How Close They Came to Losing Everything in Documentary ‘Chasing Happiness’

Slight spoiler alert? Although it is just the band's history...

The Jonas Brothers are back and tighter than ever. With new singles “Cool” and “Sucker” kicking off their return as a band, the group is readying for their first album in a decade.

Despite the pristine Disney image most remember of their early years, new Amazon Prime documentary Chasing Happiness reveals it was much tougher than that. The look into their career from starting off as Broadway kids to where they are now outlines the glitz, the glam, and all the grime in between.

The brothers clicked as a band almost instantly when they realized their passions for music could work together. After writing songs from the comfort of their own home, the group was eventually picked up by Colombia Records. Despite early wins, years of hard work and dedication were met by challenge after challenge. Unsuccessful shows, slow growth, and challenges from their own home town left them inches from collapse.


“There was this perception put on us that we were supposed to be these squeaky-clean, perfect kids,” Kevin revealed of their father’s job as a pastor. The judgment placed on the kids quickly spread from their New Jersey hometown to the rest of the country, leading to their eventual loss of their record deal with Colombia.

Their dad had dumped $90,000 of savings into the band along with maxing out credit cards. They lost their home, and they lost their friends. The chief of police stood by the Jonas family that had helped grow their community, and put them in a house that he rented to them for “nothing.” The four boys (including bonus Jonas Frankie) all stayed in one bedroom.

“We wrote the entire Jonas Brothers album in the basement of that house,” the boys revealed of arguably the lowest point in their career.  

How did they get out of the pit they had fallen into? Disney came to swoop them up. The success they deserved came crashing in as the Jonas Brothers’ crowds grew exponentially, they kicked off their television acting careers, and they notched platinum record after platinum record.

“I think what started to happen is that, it gets so big that you can’t control it.”


After hitting an almost unprecedented boy band peak around 2010, the Jonas Brothers again started to see signs that their career was falling off. From how the band turned into a joke to dealing with criticism face-to-face, the young men found it difficult to address the issues honestly.

“There’s no way we can just break up,” Joe assured in an interview.

“It had been six years since we had spent time together, just the three of us, as brothers,” Kevin admitted in the documentary opening that shows the first steps to their reunion. Watch the full documentary to get the details behind everything from what caused the break up to how their reunion came together here