Kid Cudi Rents Out Entire Theater to Watch ‘Us’ With Fans

Jordan Peele's new film is gaining fans everywhere

Us just debuted in theaters on March 22 and already has a cult following behind it. Jordan Peele’s follow-up to Get Out is immediately breaking records, casually earning the respect of people like Kid Cudi with a demented family who proves we’re our own worst nightmares.

Cudi took to Twitter on Us’ opening day to encourage his fans to go see the film. His love for the movie was further proven as he continued to see Us various times throughout its opening weekend. “MUST see multiple times in theaters,” he wrote in a Tweet congratulating the cast on the mind-blowing thriller.

Along with seeing it by himself, Cudi was so excited he rented out an entire theater so fans could see it with him. He invited fans to come to Glendale, CA to watch it, placing a sole requirement of bringing his merch or a copy of one of his albums with.

“I got the whole theater so let’s pack it up!!” he wrote of the local theater he booked for the chaos. Videos posted show what appears to be hundreds of fans swarming the theater to enjoy both the movie and the presence of musical genius. “The madness!!” Cudi joked in response to the turnout after sharing a video of himself casually seated in the theater alongside fans.