Lady Gaga Responds to Bradley Cooper Dating Rumors After Electric Oscars Performance

Get her reaction to the speculation on 'Kimmel'

“I swear when we won, it was like my whole artistic journey flashed before my eyes,” Lady Gaga gushes to Jimmy Kimmel after one of the biggest months of her career.

After both taking home an Oscar and delivering a stunning performance that left the entire internet shook, Gaga is reflecting on her huge week. Along with recognizing her always incredible talent, a performance of “Shallow” that was too convincingly intimate has sparked a lot of rumors.

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live kicked off by her pulling her Oscar out of her purse, Gaga dove into everything from her A Star Is Born win to speculation she’s “in love” with Bradley Cooper.  

“If you work hard and you don’t give up, you can do anything” she inspires before explaining the performance. Starting it off with an eye roll, she dives into the vision behind the performance and how acting and rehearsal, not true love, was behind their electric chemistry.

Watch the full Kimmel interview in the video above!