Matty Healy Calls Out Paid Meet & Greets for Monetizing Human Connection

While teasing that The 1975 is planning to host a festival
Photo credit Jeff Spicer, Getty

The 1975’s Matty Healy is an honest artist who has never shied away from speaking up for what he believes in. His latest topic of discussion is the idea of charging for meet & greets, an occurrence that’s becoming increasingly popular. And increasingly expensive.

In a Twitter rant, the frontman shared a controversial opinion on paying to meet your favorite artists. “Who came up with payed meet and greets? Did they think ‘Surely there must be something else we can monetise........OH! Human connection!! They'll eat that up!’” he wrote while urging artists to focus on aspects other than the money.

Fans quickly came to the defense of both sides of the argument. Many noted that it can help supplement up-and-coming artists' incomes and offset huge touring costs. Matty responded by pointing out the paradox, arguing that you can’t be both successful enough to have fans pay to meet you, but not enough to cover your own expenses.

"Rich kids, you line up on the left. Poor kids, just fuck off.”

He then turned his anger towards the labels, who are also taking big chunks of the meet and greet costs. “They should make all fans pay in cash - directly to the artist. They should literally hand over the $200.” Cut out the middle man, smart move. 

Along with defending his point that paying to meet someone is a bad concept, he also teased that The 1975 is planning on setting up their own festival in the UK. Spanning across three days, his high ambitions include enlisting the help of everyone else on their label to play.

“#notlying” he concluded in a follow-up Tweet. Road trip anyone?