Poppy and Fever 333's New Song Is "So Evil" It's Been Banned in Several Countries

We would label this NSFW, but it's not safe for ANYWHERE

Poppy is an internet phenomenon that started out doing just what her name suggests: Pop. After garnering a cult following on YouTube thanks to her incredibly creepy videos and her staunch character that’s almost never broken, she’s transformed into something no one expected…

In between her usual, heavily-electronic, bubble gum pop sound, Poppy has been sneaking in some death metal. After teasing that she was diving into a brutal sound with the Grimes-assisted “Play Destroy,” she’s now teamed up with GRAMMY-nominated rock band Fever 333

The entirely unexpected duo just released “Scary Mask,” a song so confusing we’re not even sure how to explain it to you. The track opens with an eerily calm intro before diving into a blistering chorus that features screaming from Fever 333’s Jason Aalon Butler. 

According to co-songwriter Chris Greatti, not everyone is receptive to their art. “The enigmatic prog-metal popstar @impoppy & @fever333 unleashed “Scary Mask” today - a composition so evil, it’s already been banned in several countries,” Greatti wrote on Instagram. 

Find out exactly why it’s been banned in the video above.