Robert Smith’s Blunt Rock Hall Interview Goes Viral as The Cure Teases “Incredibly Intense” New Album

They're staying true to their dark roots

Newly inducted Rock & Roll Hall of Famers The Cure are achieving huge milestones while wrapping up their first new album in a decade.  Even with lots of exciting things ahead, the gloomy band is staying perfectly on brand and not letting any zeal slip through to ruin their big day.

At their March 29 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, the group was presented the honor by Trent Reznor and performed a 5-song set. To kick off the night, the post-punk icons were forced to endure the usual red carpet nonsense.

A very eager interviewer greeted them with a little too much enthusiasm before explaining she’s been a fan of The Cure since birth. Very relatable. “Congratulations!! The Cure – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, 2019! Are you as excited as I am?!” she exclaimed.

“Um… by the sounds of it, no,” Robert Smith answered in a perfectly blunt start to the interview. He quickly loosened up to take a few stabs at the Hall of Fame for taking so long to induct them, later praising some of his inspirations and giving a look into their upcoming album.

After an appearance on The John Maytham Show where Robert Smith confirmed that their follow-up to 2008’s 4:13 Dream is finished, he’s detailing that the album will be “so dark” and “incredibly intense.” In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Robert assures he’s “still doom and gloom” and is looking forward to picking their best new tracks for the album.

He teased a possible Halloween release date and revealed they’re also planning on celebrating Disintegration’s 30th anniversary with a series of shows. “We’re holding home theaters in New York and Los Angeles. But I kind of feel like we should do it in a bigger venue… probably about Christmas time we’ll come back.”