'School of Rock' Zack-Attack Actor Arrested Four Times for Allegedly Stealing Guitars and Amps

The most ironic story of the week

“Well you’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore” is apparently a lyric actor Joey Gaydos Jr. has made his mantra.

Zack-Attack was a timid kid turned feisty lead guitarist in Jack Black’s family comedy School of Rock. While his transition in the film lead him to learn how to rock from within, his character development in real life has taken a different turn.

As is the tragic case with far too many child actors, Joey has found himself battling with an addiction that’s allegedly lead him to theft to support it. The School of Rock actor has been arrested four times in the past five weeks, facing charges for stealing amps and guitars.

Video surveillance footage obtained by TMZ seems to show him testing out a guitar before walking out of the store with it, while the amps were allegedly stolen from his own father. The extreme irony is undeniable...