Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Is Ok With His Villainous Public Image: “You Are Going to Love Me Anyway"

He’s embracing the negative reactions to his personality
Musician Corey Taylor of the music group Slipknot attends 2nd Annual National Concert Day Show at Irving Plaza on May 3, 2016 in New York City
Photo credit Brad Barket, Getty

Corey Taylor is embracing the fact that not everyone will like him. As an artist with strong opinions and a minimal filter, the Slipknot frontman has been labeled a villain by online memes and overly sensitive onlookers.

In a Friday (May 17) interview with Heavy Metal Hill, Taylor explained that he’s growing into the character people believe he is. Rather than fight the image or try to gloss up his reputation, he’s stepping into the role for upcoming Slipknot release We Are Not Your Kind.

"The crazy thing I have noticed over the last couple years, I have seen a shift in the way people look at me. I thought having an opinion was something that was cool, and now I'm becoming a meme,” he explained of his outspoken nature. “I feel everyone is starting to turn on me, so I am using that to my advantage. I am like, alright you want a villain, I will give you a f*cking villain. That is kind of where I am in my life, not giving a sh*t. I am basically saying, you don't have to like me, but you are going to love me anyway."

Along with discussing the rough image that’s perfectly represented by his creepy new mask, Taylor also dove into the softer side of himself.

“She inspires me to do more, to pay attention to the details and to just be better,” he praised of fiancée Alicia Dove. “She is always pushing herself to be better.”

“I have been getting some physical therapy, but I am convinced that the doctor is a sadist because he really wants me to make noises that only Alicia makes me make,” the newly-engaged Taylor joked of his recovery from his recent double-knee surgery.

As his recovery from surgery chugs along, Taylor is preparing to be on stage for months straight. The band is gearing up for their Knotfest Roadshow, a massive tour supporting August 9 release We Are Not Your Kind. Taylor dove into the sound of the album that mixes their previous styles to create something entirely new.

“It is really dark, the music falls in between Iowa and Vol. 3. It is experimental, but heavy as hell. It’s aggressive, but has tons of melodies. I think people are really going to dig it.”

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