Taron Egerton Joins Elton John for Performance of “Tiny Dancer”

Watch them take the stage at Elton’s annual Oscars party

Actor Taron Egerton has huge shoes to fill as he takes on the role of the legendary Elton John. In the upcoming Rocketman biopic, Taron refused to lip-synch and is now continuing to show off his vocal talents.

“I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who could’ve played Elton. It’s Taron’s role,” Music Producer Giles Martin explains of how perfectly Taron fit into the role. At Elton John’s annual Oscars party, the two took the stage for an incredible and very full circle performance.

As Taron sings lead in the timeless song, Elton backs him on piano and throws in harmonies that illustrate just how well they work together. Elton has continually lauded Taron for his portrayal and has noted that he couldn’t be any happier with the way he’s stepped into the role.