Troye Sivan’s Life Playlist Includes Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, and Frank Ocean

Get a look inside the songs that have shaped him

Troye Sivan is unpacking his pop roots and inspirations in a new video for Teen Vogue.

From taking structures from Amy Winehouse for Bloom track “The Good Side” to admiring Frank Ocean’s poetic lyrics, these songs have all played roles in the "My My My!" singer's career. 

The pop prince shares a collection of songs that make up the playlist to his life, spending time to explain each one of them and how it’s impacted him. He throws it back with some of the most iconic pop tracks, adding songs like Imogen Heap’s “Hide And Seek” and Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White.”

From songs that impacted him growing up to innovative tracks that broke the pop mold and inspired his own music, Troye’s playlist is one that we would happily listen to ourselves. The playlist gives a look into not only his personal music tastes but also how his own style has developed.

The Australian singer also recently took the Charli XCX-assisted single "1999" to Jimmy Fallon's stage, delivering a neon and nostalgic performance that fits perfectly with the era a lot of his life playlist songs are from. Watch their vibrant performance below: