Twenty One Pilots Surprise With “Chlorine” Music Video: Here’s What We Think it Means

Our theories about their cryptic messages

After teasing that something was coming Wednesday, January 23, Twenty One Pilots decided the wait was just too much to handle. “He couldn't wait until tomorrow” they captioned the brand-new music video for “Chlorine.”

The Columbus duo is celebrating their next official single with the release of a video and the debut of a character they’re lovingly calling “Ned <{•.•}>.” Ned, you just came into the world and we love you already.

The cinematic visual comes in contrast to the style of a previous trilogy that told the complicated story of Trench through imagery and hidden meanings galore. The more laid-back storytelling matches the vibe of “Chlorine” with the cute little animated bub that is Ned. Popping in the video in between clips of Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph filling up a pool, Ned likely represents much more than just an adorable character. 

We have a few theories about what the video could mean. 

Tyler and Josh work around the clock to get the dirty pool filled with new water. Sharp eyes will notice that skeleton hoodies are reflected in the water at the 0:07 mark, a symbol of their previous Blurryface era. Tyler also wears headphones reminiscent of ones someone would wear in a recording booth throughout almost the entire video and doesn’t take them off until the end. 

Because of the small clues, we think the cleaning of the pool represents the turning over of a new era. The dirty water is Blurryface, and the chlorine is their hard work on Trench. Ned could then represent the Clique, as he’s at first nervous about diving into the water (their new sound) but ends up loving it and grows with it. 

“I’m so sorry I forgot you,” Tyler sings the second Ned dives in, possibly making a nod to their new chapter.