This University Is Offering a PhD in Heavy Metal Music

In short, we’re now planning on going back to school
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Heavy Metal is a complex genre filled with so many niches and subcategories, it feels like you need a degree to fully understand it. Now, this Australian university is filling the gap we didn’t even know actually existed.

The University of Newcastle in Australia is encouraging students to investigate the social geography of heavy metal. “Numerous subgenres exist within the general framework of Heavy Metal, each representing unique subcultures. Many of these subgenres, such as Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal evolved in specific geographical settings, often referred to as ‘scenes,’” the description page explains of what students would be investigating.

The Geography of Heavy Metal PhD option asks students to consider how Australia’s heavy metal scene is unique, what aspects they’ve adopted from other geographic regions, how diversity comes into play, and much more. The university is also offering an annual living allowance of just under $20,000 to two students interested in the program. For international students, the scholarship would also cover the cost of tuition fees.

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Studying heavy metal doesn’t tickle your fancy? They also offer the same scholarship for Homelessness and Mutual Aid, Vegan Geographies, and Unschooling and The Possibilities of Childhood options. We’ll be sticking with heavy metal.

Program director Simon Springer explained to Kerrang! that the unique PhD option came about after he was give free reign to recruit students. “As a life-long metal fan who has only recently started to do some work in the area of metal studies, I figured this would be a good conduit to further my research agenda in this area.”