Unpaid TSA Agents Play Uncensored “SICKO MODE” and Kanye West Meme Song Over JFK Speakers

They're over the government shutdown

With fears of impending airport chaos mounting, some TSA agents are choosing to let out their frustrations through creative ways instead of quitting.  

As the government shutdown continues in the background, it’s pretty easy to forget that it’s even going on. If anything, it can seem like the less we hear from the government, the better… right?

Wrong! People employed by the government are facing huge issues, with a ton of the people that work to keep us safe every day missing out on a pretty darn important part of work: getting paid. Employees like TSA agents are working without pay during the shutdown.

To express just how over the partial shutdown they are and to make some light out of the situation, TSA workers at New York’s JFK airport treated visitors to a great playlist. Travelers at the airport over the past week have tweeted about hearing the uncensored version of Travis Scott and Drake’s “SICKO MODE” being played.

Some even heard Kanye West’s “Lift Yourself,” a meme song that’s more commonly known as “Poopy-di Scoop” on the internet because that’s literally all Kanye says. “These bars??!” he hypes himself up before diving into the “poopy-di scoop” verse. 

The simulation is definitely glitching.