Watch Billie Eilish Answer the Same Questions Exactly One Year Apart

From 250K followers to 6 million
Photo credit Ben Gabbe, Getty

Billie Eilish has advanced through the music industry with leaps and bounds, establishing a name for herself at the age of just 16.

The breakout star continues to deliver hit after hit with her unique style, incredible voice and enviable fashion choices. 

In a side by side with Vanity Fair, we can see just how far she's come as she answers the same questions exactly one year apart. The first interview was conducted on October 18, 2017 with Billie hot off the release of her debut EP, a 9-track work containing hit “Ocean Eyes” titled Don’t Smile At Me.

From the difference in the size of her biggest show to how fame has impacted her life, this is one of the coolest interviews we’ve ever seen.